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SKF profile rail carriage LLTHC A

Flanged model | Standard dimensions | 15 - 45 mm

The SKF profile rail carriage LLTHC A is a flanged model carriage. The LLTHC A is manufactured according to DIN 645-1 and therefore interchangeable in terms of construction within all DIN-complaint brands. Because of the X-arrangement the LLTHC A is more self-aligning than most other profile rail carriages. This also contributes in the amount of friction being created between carriage and rail. The integrated lubricant reservoirs constantly re-lubricate the circulating balls to decrease maintenance. The LLTHC A is the standard model and therefore matches the dimensions of DIN 645-1. You can choose from three different preload and accuracy classes. The LLTHC A is available in sizes between 15 and 45 mm.

If you are unsure which size or implementation is the most appropriate for you, the differences are written below. If you are still in doubt you can always contact us on +31 (0)85 – 0661258.

Preload and accuracy classes

Preload classes

To adjunct a profile rail guide to the specific demands of a given application, it is advisable to choose an appropriate preload. This will positively affect the operating behavior of the entire linear guidance system. Preload increases the stiffness of linear guides and thus reduces the deviation under load. You can choose between three different preload classes:

  • T0 – Zero preload: For extremely smooth-running rail guide systems with low friction and low external influences. This preload class is only available in P5 and P3 accuracy calsses.
  • T1 – Light preload: For precise rail guide systems with low external load and high requirements for overall stiffness
  • T2 – Medium preload: For precise rail guide systems with high external load and high requirements for overall stiffness. Also recommended for single-rail systems.

Accuracy classes

The Accuracy class define the maximum permissible tolerance range of rail system in terms of height, width and parallelism. This choice determines the positioning accuracy of the system within the application. There are three different accuracy classes available for each carriage:

  • P5 – standard: ± 100 µm height- and ± 40 µm width tolerance.
  • P3 – medium: ± 40 µm height- and ± 20 µm width tolerance.
  • P1 – heigh: ± 20 µm height- and ± 10 µm width tolerance.
SKF profile rail carriage LLTHC A

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CAD LLTHC A profile rail carriage
ImplementationLength (L1)Width (W1)Height (H)Distance between the mounting holes (L3)Dynamic load ratingsStatic load ratings
LLTHC 15 A T- P-62 mm47 mm24 mm30 mm8400 N15400 N
LLTHC 20 A T- P-72 mm63 mm30 mm40 mm12400 N24550 N
LLTHC 25 A T- P-82 mm70 mm36 mm45 mm18800 N30700 N
LLTHC 30 A T- P-100,4 mm90 mm42 mm52 mm26100 N41900 N
LLTHC 35 A T- P-114 mm100 mm48 mm62 mm34700 N54650 N
LLTHC 45 A T- P-135 mm120 mm60 mm80 mm59200 N91100 N
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