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SKF linear bearing unit LUCR PA

LPAR plain bearing | 12 - 80 mm

The SKF linear bearing unit LUCR PA consists of a light-weight, cast aluminium housing provided with a SKF plain bearing LPAR inside. This ball bearing is manufactured according to ISO 10285 and therefore interchangeable on all ISO-compliant brands. With the purchase of a complete LUCR PA bearing unit, you get a complete bearing including bearing house which is ready to be installed. This makes the LUCR PA great if you like to buy a ready-made bearing. This bearing unit can only be used in combination with shafts provided with supports at the ends of the shaft.

The SKF bearing unit LUCR PA is available in sizes between 12 and 80 mm. We would be glad to help you make the right choice. Therefore you can contact us on +31 (0)85 – 0661258.

SKF linear bearing unit LUCR PA

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CAD SKF linear bearing unit LUCR PA
Standard implementation (Fw)Width (L)Heart size (H)Length (A)Dynamic draagkrachtStatic draagkracht
LUCR 8 PA45 mm15 mm27 mm510 N1800 N
LUCR 12 PA52 mm18 mm31 mm965 N3350 N
LUCR 16 PA56 mm22 mm34,5 mm1530 N5400 N
LUCR 20 PA70 mm25 mm41 mm2400 N8300 N
LUCR 25 PA80 mm30 mm52 mm4000 N14000 N
LUCR 30 PA88 mm35 mm59 mm5500 N19300 N
LUCR 40 PA108 mm45 mm74 mm8000 N28000 N
LUCR 50 PA135 mm50 mm66 mm12000 N41500 N
LUCR 60 PA160 mm60 mm84 mm16600 N60000 N
LUCR 80 PA205 mm80 mm113 mm29000 N100000 N

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