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SKF linear bearing unit LVCD

Flanged design | Self-aligning | 12 - 50 mm

The SKF linear bearing unit LVCD consists of a closed flanged cast iron housing fitted with a rigid SKF linear ball bearing LBCD D. The LBCD D is self-aligning up to +/- 0,5º. This tilting feature compensates for misalignment, which may be caused by inaccuracies in fitting or manufacturing, or by significant bending of an unsupported shaft. This ball bearing is manufactured according to ISO 10285 and therefore interchangeable on all ISO-compliant brands. The flange is machined on both faces to enable mounting on the front or rear (axial) in either direction. With the purchase of a complete LVCD bearing unit, you get a complete bearing including bearing house which is ready to be installed. This makes the LVCD great if you like to buy a ready-made bearing. The LVCR D is by default sealed on both sides with a -2LS sealing. This makes the LVCD suitable for usage in a polluted environment.

The SKF linear bearing unit LVCD is available in sizes between 12 and 50 mm. For each size there are two different versions available so you always get the appropriate bearing unit. If you are unsure which version is the most suitable, the differences are indicated below. If you are still in doubt you can always contact us on +31 (0)85 – 0661258.

Which SKF linear bearing unit LVCD do I need:

SKF offers two different versions of the linear bearing unit LVCD per diameter size. It is therefore important to make a choice for the inner diameter first. If you want to replace a defective or damaged bearing unit, we recommend you to look at the code indicated in the bearing unit and to order the same new bearing unit.

And last, there is a choice to be made between a bearing -2LS with double lip seals or without seals. The advantage of a two-sided sealed bearing is that it is extra maintenance-friendly. This is because you don’t need to worry about the amount or type of grease to be used. It is also no longer necessary for you to provide the bearings with new grease. Also, the bearings are protected against dust, dirt and moisture. The downside is that these seals provide some friction. This means that about 30% of the power will be lost, it is important to take this into account (bearings with two seal have the code -2LS).


The two different SKF linear bearing unit LVCD versions briefly explained:

  • LVCD: The standard version of the powerful SKF linear bearing unit LVCD
  • LVCD -2LS: Features a two-sided seal, enabling it to be used in a dusty environment.
SKF linear bearing unit LVCD

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CAD LVCD bearing unit
Standard implementation (Fw)2 double lip sealsWidth (L)Distance between the mounting holes (J)Length (A)Dynamic load ratingsStatic load ratings
LVCD 12LVCD 12 D-2LS42 mm30 mm20 mm1080 N815 N
LVCD 16LVCD 16 D-2LS50 mm35 mm22 mm1320 N865 N
LVCD 20LVCD 20 D-2LS60 mm42 mm28 mm2000 N1370 N
LVCD 25LVCD 25 D-2LS74 mm54 mm40 mm2900 N2040 N
LVCD 30LVCD 30 D-2LS84 mm60 mm48 mm4650 N3250 N
LVCD 40LVCD 40 D-2LS108 mm78 mm56 mm7800 N5200 N
LVCD 50LVCD 50-2LS130 mm98 mm72 mm11200 N6950 N
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