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SKF linear plain bearing LPBR

Resistant to shocks | Economically sound | 12 - 50 mm

The SKF linear plain bearing LPBR is a plain bearing with the same dimensions as the SKF linear ball bearing LBBR. Under normal conditions the LPBR is self-lubricating and therefore require minimal maintenance. Thanks to the thoughtful design, the bearing can withstand high static load and are immune to many shocking. This makes the bearing very suitable for vibration and/or high accelerations and velocities.

The SKF linear plain bearing is available in sizes between 12 and 50 mm. If you are unsure which size you can always contact us on +31 (0)85 – 0661258.

SKF linear plain bearing LPBR

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CAD LPBR plain bearing
Standard implementation (Fw)Outer diameter (D)Length (C)Dynamic load ratingsStatic load ratings
LPBR 1219,19 mm28 mm 965 N3350 N
LPBR 1421,21 mm28 mm1370 N4750 N
LPBR 16 24,23 mm30 mm1530 N5400 N
LPBR 2028,24 mm30 mm2080 N7350 N
LPBR 2535,25 mm40 mm3400 N12000 N
LPBR 3040,27 mm50 mm4800 N17000 N
LPBR 4052,32 mm60 mm7650 N27000 N
LPBR 5062,35 mm70 mm10800 N38000 N
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