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SKF linear guide rail

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Thanks to our own, large stock we can deliver within 72 hours in the United Kingdom.

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We are able to modify products on your request.

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Our range consists of both the SKF linear guide rail LLTHR and the LLTHR D4. The main difference between these two is the way the rail can be mounted. The regular LLTHR can be mounted from above and the D4 comes with blind holes for mounting form below. Thanks to our modification centre we are able to cut and modify the shaft as soon as we receive your order. Therefore we are able to deliver your tailor made shaft within 72 hours in the united Kingdom.

It is important to use the right linear rail in your application. The differences between the two different linear rail types are listed below:

If you need advice on the type and implementation of the linear rail that is most suitable for your problem, we would be glad to help. During working hours you can contact us on the following number +31 (0)85 – 0661258. Or you could ask for a quotation by sending a mail to info@duisterslinear.com


The SKF profile rail LLTHR is provided with holes for mounting from above, supplied with protective plastic caps as standard. There are three different accuracy classes possible for the SKF profile rail LLTHR in sizes 15 to 45 mm.

SKF linear profile rail LLTHR


The SKF profile rail LLTHR D4 is provided with blind threaded holes for mounting for below. The difference in comparison with the regular LLTHR is that the D4 has to be mounted from te downside. There are three different accuracy classes available between the sizes 15 and 45 mm for the LLTHR D4.

SKF profile rail LLTHR D4